Xi Zhi Men

Saturday 10 December, 2011 23:00

A while ago I developed this small logo for the Ba Gua Zhang Kung Fu group I study in. Main aim of my dear friend and (ruthless T^T) teacher Riccardo was to bring in the Yin Yang symbol along with the west door of Beijing (Xi Zhi Men) while making an hommage to the pillar of our style, master Sui Yunjiang. His name can be translated in something like "river of clouds". So, here it is. Tried to use the old Hokusai trick of the ying yang corruption made by the subject of the drawing (the door itself), keeping it still against the revolving nature. Logo has a also a nice hidden positive/negative color/value feature. See it positive (orange) and you have the door against a sky full of stars, see it negative (cyan) and you have a huge full moon!

Bonus! In the gallery below some videos I found of the commemoration in honor of baguazhang 3rd generation Grand Master Li Ziming (Master Sui's Master), where you can see the beauty of true, orthodox, Ba Gua Zhang. Yay!