Hobby Comics 5&6

Monday 07 October, 2013 22:00

Nel 2007 con i Superamici abbiamo fondato una rivista, Hobby Comics. Pensata per essere sviluppata in 5 numeri soltanto da rilasciare uno ogni anno, Hobby è una antologica che raccoglie una storia a testa dei Superamici. Agli inizi decisi di provare a misurarmi con una storia lunga, nacque Astrogamma. L'idea era quella di pubblicare una 20ina di tavole a numero, sistematico. chiaramente per mille scelte errate di vita non sono mai riuscito a tenere il ritmo (onestissimo) di 20 tavole l'anno, fallendo addirittura un'uscita. Se ci aggiungiamo anche un numero zero che ho rinnegato e riiniziato da capo, le speranze di riuscire a leggere la storia intera con una conclusione sensata nel numero 5 erano obiettivamente poche. E invece ecco qua. 110 pagine di fila. Un numero speciale per contenerle. Il tutto raccolto con una sovracoperta disegnata da me.

Hobby Comics 5 + Hobby Comics 6: speciale Astrogamma. La fine dei SUPERAMICI.

Potete ordinarlo sullo shop online di Grrzetic cliccando QUI.

Hobby Comics 5/6 cover illustration.

Sunday 29 September, 2013 22:00

Heavily inspired by a famous CAPCOM's characters image, I made an image to the wide, mixed, crazy Hobby Comics character family, paying tribute to my dear friends work: Dr. Pira, Ratigher, Maicol& Mirco & Tuono Pettinato's stories were so important to my artistic growth and always will. Thank you all.

Giclee print (pictured above) available to buy by clicking the link below and you can even have it as a very special limited PMS FLUO GREEN + SILVER edition on GRRRZETIC online shop.



Sunday 06 January, 2013 23:00


Contains a broad selection of my works.

VIEWPOINT is the first of a serie of book limited prototyping process. Everything, layout graphics to shipping is by LRNZ.
Each copy is signed and decorated with a flashy pink unipaint pen.

"VIEWPOINT"18.2cm x 25.6cm 128 pages, full colour, digital offset.
A super limited edition, 250 copies (first run was 100 copies)of a deluxe book to come.

Price: €25.00 + Shipping or €40,00 + Shipping if bundled with Viewpoint Vol.2!

If you have an iPhone or iPad check out the DIGITAL EDITION AVAILABLE FOR iOS DEVICES!

Viewpoint for iOS features:

- 118 pages of  artworks.
- Unlimited pinch zoom with no loss of detail.
- Read in fast scroll or realistic page curl mode.
- High resolution, Retina Display enhanced images.
- Choose between Auto, Single or Two pages layout.
- Add and Remove page bookmarks in a visual way.
- Powered by 
Cotton Paperless Art™ engine.
- iOS 6.0 Support.
- iPhone 5 Optimized.

Thanks to Ipazia Software for the awesome support.

Book cover Illustration for "Storia dell'Animazione Giapponese".

Tuesday 05 June, 2012 22:00

Cover illustration for "Il Manga" was a success, so Tunué gave me a second chance to work on a book about Japanese art and entertainment. It's "Storia dell'Animazione Giapponese" (literally,"History of Japanese Animation") by Guido Tavassi. The idea I developed is very simple (moreover I had only 2 days to work on it). Borowed the character switching idea from Kaiba TV OP to explain the concept that MOTION is what so many different characters share, and that Japanese Animation offers a huge choice of themes. That said I started from a traditional animation done in flash, didi the character per frame thing in PS, and once I hade the animation ready I did some frame slipping and layer madness in after effects to obtain the final piece with ease. In the gallery below some drafts to explain possible usage of the illustration. Enjoy! EXTRA you can get a nifty animated GIF (which right of now is going crazy on tumblr) by clicking this URL: http://www.lrnz.it/media/10/45.gif

Hobby Comics Cover Illustration

Sunday 29 January, 2012 23:00

Back to analog for this one! It was a blast with my new Tachikawa pen holder and a superfine Nikko pen nib! In the gallery, you'll find some making of shots and my takes on the Hobby Comic Issue number 4 special colour! The original is a small format of ultra thick french paper.