Friday 30 November, 2012 23:00

Here! Upitup records finally released the first of many things to come of my semi secret music project, Buromaschinen!


Download it (or stream it) here: http://www.upitup.com/catalogue/release.php?cat_id=63

From Upitup.com :

"Welcome To Büromaschinen is Büromaschinen first release on Upitup, and is a perfect introduction to his sound.

A selection of tracks produced in the last decade, this album includes some of his secret classics like Approaching Sector XDotchidabe, Sabrina andFreescape, that are both perfect for the dancefloor and personal listening.

Welcome To Büromaschinen is the ideal soundtrack for the best Sci-Fi film that everybody loves but never existed."


"Büromaschinen is the electronic music project of the Rome based multi talented artist, LRNZ.

Büromaschinen has been producing tunes on trackers since the mid ninetiesand now is using an hardware only setup, recording everything live straight from the mixer.

Music is only one element of his creative output, he's also:

1: An amazing comic artist and animation director part of the Superamici crew
2: Highly skilled graphic designer 
3: Video game music expert 
4: Avid videogame console collector

His sound is a clever mix of detroit electrosci-fi nuances and amiga cracktros arpeggios with a deep emotional touch.

His Band:
No computer involved (unless specified).
Main sequencer and synthesizer: Elektron Monomachine SFX-60 MKII.
Drums: Elektron Machinedrum SPS1-UW.
Additional synthesizers: DSI Mopho desktop, Korg Micro Korg, Roland MicroComposer 202, virus ti2, Elektron Octatrack.
Additional FX: onboard (cheap) dsp fx from my trusty Behringer ugly mixer.
Chiptunes section involves different sequencing and synthesis, mostly Nintendo DS-10 by Korg and Fast Tracker on Amiga 500.
Recording devices: Studer Revox B77 HS MKII, Studer Revox A77. "


"We are absolutely stoked to be able to finally unveil our latest acquisition, an amazingly multi-talented geniushailing from Rome, whose multifaceted creative output left us speechless since the first time we met him, about two years ago now: ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Büromaschinen to the Up it up family!
Seriously, this is our secret weapon! We have been hiding it and enjoying his music for ourselves for years now, but as we are getting close to the end of the world(and Christmas for that matter), we thought this must be the right moment to fire it up and gift our followers with another awesome album. Go get Welcome to Büromaschinen right now!

Büromaschinen has been producing tunes since the mid 90s, and this album marks a foray into the Roman electronic music scene that we're sure is bound to leave a lasting sign. We're not afraid to say that with this collection he's managed to reach new heights in theelectro genre, turning the classic bum-tschak scheme into a polymorphic and emotionally driven layout that reflects his talent in many other arts: in fact, as if his music wasn't enough already, he's just as well a master of the Ligne-claire drawing technique, and an amazingly gifted video artist too. 

Büromaschinen we present you a selection of tracks that were taken live from a hardware-only setup, driven by the mighty Elektron Trinity with the additional help of monolithic analogue synth baselines and arpeggios from his trusty Roland MC202. Everything is then recorded onto half inch Revox tapes, for that analogue feel we all just love.

It's addictive, and we know you'll love it. 
Happy end of the world! "

Hope you'll like it like the guys at UPITUP did!