The Harvestar | Logo

Saturday 11 February, 2012 23:00

Algorithmica is a nice company run by some VERY creative minded developers and engineers. They started "The Harvestar" as a spare time project, to test their new time critical multi user technology on html 5 frameworks that just won european union financements. The game went under many game and graphic design trial and errors, and when gameplay structure was defined they commisioned me game art, interface design and identity. I introduced a few elements that you will see in the next following about this game. Most important, I created the name (very simple merge of "harvest" and "star", wich the game is all about!) and the logo. The logo itself is a tribute to old Milton Bradley SCI FI games like Laser Attack, Taito's Arkanoid and cheesy Filmation TV Shows title logo animations. Moreover it has a hidden stolen concept from the Deutsche Bank logo as the game is an RTS all about market and resources so the idea of a stocks/profits indicator going UP was very well indicated for it! Take it, Deutsche Bank!