Mazinger Z 40° Anniversary Hommage

Sunday 18 March, 2012 23:00

Here! A brand new illustration for the 40th anniversary of Go Nagai's most famous creature, Mazinger Z!

Published on the same nice guys who interviewed me some time ago! Here is the DIRECT LINK to the work.

The concept behind the drawing is quite complex and I'm veeeery happy I could manage to fit everything I needed in one crowded, still punchy, image. As I was saying the idea behind this drawing spreads its roots across many themes: freedom, rock and roll devil/machine worshipping and getting the girls as a straight cause-effect principle, machines as a way of humanity exploitation instead of the bushi, progressive thinking and honest lefty (and "righteous" is an inside joke on the left rocketpunch) freak power against the empire and the authority, Japan as a nation of young and strong country people not a bunch of old city farts, TV sets as a final frontier of an explicit rebellion doctrine that made young boys stand up on their chairs yelling at the foes of the Asura empire. You know: Go Nagai. Well I missed motorcycles.