Mazda MX5 Driftbattle RC

Friday 09 July, 2004 22:00

Developed as Chimp CO., my design studio back in 2004.

This small game was a promotional item for the MAZDA USA website. Was awarded with a monthly FWA as for being part of the zoom zoom island campaign. The game itself it's pretty original in terms of interface and control. You have to go through different kind of tournaments, each one with it's distinct rules, using the handbrake to make drifts combos and make your way to the top. Physics in the game are neat (we're speaking of flash MX2004). Graphics were mostly made on Cosmigo Pro Motion and Deluxe Paint IV on an amiga computer, still the best software ever for indexed pixel graphics. In the gallery below you can find some work in progress stuff.

It has an ugly bug as the game has an insanely difficult level at a certain point. Still featured multiplayer ghost racing action in 2004! Enjoy. 

You can play it HERE.  (if the game doen't show up refresh the page, some problems with hotlinking I think)

Graphics by LRNZ and Gianluca Abbate. Additional typography and main menu system graphic design by Marcello Crescenzi. Coded by Maurky and Maks. Music by Buromaschinen (hey it's me!), Abbskull, Mat64. Game design document (you can download it!) by LRNZ