GOLEM out in USA by Magnetic press!

Tuesday 09 February, 2016 22:54


Thanks to Magnetic Press, Golem will have it's printed USA release on february 23rd.
Golem got some asskicking endorsements by huge names in the industry: 

Jonathan Hickman
(East of West, Marvel's Secret Wars, The Manhattan Projects)
“It’s not the story, or the art, or the even the design that makes GOLEM a great book. It’s the union of those things – the whole. LRNZ has crafted a perfect package of pure entertainment.”

Brenden Fletcher
(Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy, Assassin’s Creed)
“GOLEM is a truly breathtaking work of unrivalled imagination and dark beauty. LRNZ is the future of comics.”

Nick Dragotta:
(East of West, X-Statix, Superman: American Alien)
“Lrnz on Golem is a revelation. It’s an incredibly crafted comic, drawing upon all the best comics has to offer, and Lrnz’s imagination makes it uniquely its own.”

After a first digital release on Comixology (it's split in episodes, still ongoing - check it out at: https://www.comixology.com/Golem-1/digital-comic/317111) Golem finally has a beautiful USA edition: a little smaller than the italian and french one, packs all of the goods in a badass thicker cover jacket.

The U.S. edition features an advanced reading guide with some hints about Golem mithology and symbols: very useful if you want to challenge yourself in a more accurate decryption of the book's ultimate hidden meaning.

A signature edition will be available with a special Eurasian approval card.

Magnetic Press did print some fancy promotional posters too!


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