Golem: kinokuniya limited edition

Sunday 28 February, 2016 00:08

U.S. edition of Golem will be distributed in a special limited version for the Kinokuniya bookstores network only.

Kinokuniya is the largest bookstore chain in Japan, with 56 shops around the country, in cities such as Osaka, Kyoto and Sapporo. Overall, it has more than 80 stores in Japan and overseas (Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates). 

I love Japanese art. I love japanese art books, A LOT.

Everytime I have a reasonable amount of free time (20 days is a minimum) I fly to Japan to enjoy all of it's artistic beauties. And as an artist myself, I can't avoid being sucked in those mesmerizing bookstores Japan has to offer.

My home bookshelf is half japan, half rest of the world.
I spent most of my "japanese" time in bookstores, Kynokuniya stores are among those sacred art shrines. They always felt like a forbidden, unattainable stage for my artwork. I thoroughly searched the Shinjuku stores, book by book, to learn as much as I could from the masters, young and old, that Japan has to offer to the world's visual culture.

So, all of a sudden, knowing that my book will be in the same Kinokuniya stores I so much enjoyed really is a dream that comes true. It's unbelievable: I feel so honoured and lucky to have been chosen for this collaboration between Magnetic Press and Kinokuniya Books I will be always grateful for this amazing gift: It's a milestone in my artistic career and my life.
It means a lot to me.

All the details about this Magnetic Press/Kinokuniya collaboration can be found here, in this Publishers Weekly article.


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