Wednesday 20 July, 2011 22:00

This track is dated 1999. Entirely tracked with Jeskola Buzz ( 

Sound quality is ugly. I did the mix with earbuds back in time so it sounds like crap. That contributes to a weird feel this track gives me. 

I tried to capture that weird mix between classic showtunes and electronica that 80's television used to achieve for internal productions. Most important reference was Mike Buongiorno's "BIS" opening theme, and it was nothing but Yellow Magic Orchestra's Rydeen.

Images in the video are slightly modified excerpts from a masterpiece documentary called "Spectrum Diamond", by Paolo Caredda, Opificio Ciclope (​spectrumdiamond.html).

Look for it on youtube.

The documentary was about "Jet Set Willy" creator and programmer Matthew Smith. This documentary gives me goosbumps, mostly because how accurate the shooting tools choice was, so specific and respectful of the real thing back in the days of 8bit british computing. 

Last but not least. DOTCHIDABE is the name of my favourite handheld LCD game ever. Made by Takatoku toys, Dotchidabe featured the opportunity to choose paths and developed in three REALLY different stages, with a great use of space management for all the "sprites". 

That was a very strong part of my future envisioning as a child, along with all the sinclair stuff and Japanese electronic music for TV and Videogames.