Book cover Illustration for "Storia dell'Animazione Giapponese".

Tuesday 05 June, 2012 22:00

Cover illustration for "Il Manga" was a success, so Tunué gave me a second chance to work on a book about Japanese art and entertainment. It's "Storia dell'Animazione Giapponese" (literally,"History of Japanese Animation") by Guido Tavassi. The idea I developed is very simple (moreover I had only 2 days to work on it). Borowed the character switching idea from Kaiba TV OP to explain the concept that MOTION is what so many different characters share, and that Japanese Animation offers a huge choice of themes. That said I started from a traditional animation done in flash, didi the character per frame thing in PS, and once I hade the animation ready I did some frame slipping and layer madness in after effects to obtain the final piece with ease. In the gallery below some drafts to explain possible usage of the illustration. Enjoy! EXTRA you can get a nifty animated GIF (which right of now is going crazy on tumblr) by clicking this URL: