Tuesday 02 February, 2016 17:33

Thanks to Julien Brugeas and Gallerie Glénat, I had the chance and immense honour to partecipate to the OTOMO TRIBUTE Exhibition in Angouleme, during the 43rd Bande Dessinee International Festival. My entry is a cel painted A3 drawing and is available to buy at Galerie Glénat Paris.

Moreover, an excellent exhibition catalogue has been made by Glénat, sporting a cover art illustration by Otomo sensei himself. As a huge extra to this beautiful experience: I had the chance to meet Otomo in person and It's been probably one of the most intense moments of my whole life.

The artist roster for the exhibition includes:  Virginie Augustin, Bannister, Dominique Bertail, Matthieu Bonhomme, Aleksi Briclot, Francesco Cattani, Merwan Chabane, Olivier Coipel, Luigi Critone, Simone D’Armini, Ludovic Debeurme, Benoît Feroumont, Manuele Fior, Juan Gimenez, Joël Jurion, Jean-Philippe Kalonji, Viktor Kalvachev, Nicolas Keramidas, Kim Jung Gi, Olivier Ledroit, Stéphane Levallois, Li-An, Liberatore, Julien Loïs, Vincent Mallié, Dilraj Mann, Stan Manoukian, Thierry Martin, Laureline Mattiussi, Hugues Micol, Timothée Montaigne, Nicolas Némiri, Vincent Perriot, Gloria Pizzilli, Victor Santos, Stan Sakaï, Otto Schmidt, Guillaume Singelin, Jirô Taniguchi, Lucio Villani & Vince.

Huge thanks to Alessio Tommasetti and Paolo Maddaleni for the technical infos on how to actually paint a cel!