Archimedes, a planetarium opera

Wednesday 06 July, 2011 22:00

Archimedes, a planetarium opera" is a very complex mixed media project by computer music pioneer, performer and composer James Dashow. The opera is about life, works and death  of one of the most important and charming personality of physics and mathematics, Archimedes. This project stands out for it's very peculiar form: it's an opera, where music is all computer generated, but with a real choir and actors and computer generated video as a scenography: morevoer video is thought to be projected in a planetarium for a special tridimensional image rendition. The whole opera has several chapters and each of em can have a video track in a very special time/space sync: music has a very complex spatialization process with several audio channels and video sticks to each movement the audio does, creating a very complex multisensorial experience. I was asked by James Dashow to take care of the video for the last part of the opera, the chapter is titled "MATHIII", where archimedes fictionally discovers all of todays explerimental science, like strings, multiverses, black holes and so on. While I was very excited for the project, theme and musics where truly outstanding, I'm not exactly what you could call a science pro so I had to work a lot to get the ideas behind each one of the theories I had to animate. The wholo piece is 16:00 minutes long. Here is a brief Playlist: (00:00) Archimedes starts warming up (1:42) Feynmann diagrams (2:30) Bubble Chamber, Large Hadron Collider (3:25) Chaos, autosimilarity (5:35) Lorentz attractors (6:40) small to micro (7:14) The strings theory (8:31) Penrose tilings (09:29) Big bang, brane theory and parallel universes (11:42) more on parallel universe theory (12:20) Finale, archimedes and the soldier (15:05) Death.